Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Protests, Civil Disobedience Campaign Keep Pressure on Yemen Government

Sana'a, Apr 27, 2011- Yemen's security forces again confronted protesters across the nation on Wednesday even as a deal loomed to end a political stalemate by ousting the long-serving president.
Two Yemeni soldiers and a protester were killed in a gunfight Wednesday as security forces tried to break up a demonstration in southern Yemen.
Doctors say three other protesters were wounded during the clashes in the city of Aden. Local officials say the soldiers who were killed had also been shot.
Security forces were confronting protesters who had set up a roadblock in a bid to enforce a general strike as part of demonstrations against President Ali Abdullah Saleh.
The Associated Press reported that residents in more than 18 localities have launched a civil disobedience campaign, closing schools, shops and government offices.
Demonstrations against Saleh continued this week despite an agreement brokered by neighboring Gulf Arab states for him to step down from power.
Yemen's main opposition coalition has agreed to the proposal, which would have Saleh leave within 30 days of signing the agreement and would establish a unity government that would include opposition members.
The deal would also grant the president and his family immunity from prosecution after he leaves office.
Many opposition activists, who have been demonstrating in the streets for two months, object to the deal, and want Saleh to resign immediately.
In another development, two Yemeni soldiers were shot dead in the southern province of Abyan Wednesday, in an attack blamed on al-Qaida militants. Officials say at least three other soldiers were wounded when gunmen opened fire on them in the city of Zinjibar.

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