Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Parliament resumes sessions on Wednesday

SANA'A, April 27 (Saba) – The Parliament resumed on Wednesday its activities chaired by Parliament Speaker Yahya al-Ra'i.

The Parliament discussed the blatant assaults that harmed a peaceful demonstration of women supporting the constitutional legitimacy which was organized by the women's sector in Aden governorate on Tuesday.

Parliamentarians condemned the shooting by elements of the Joint Meeting Parties (JMP), stressing the importance to stop such acts of violence against any peaceful march in any cities of the Republic's governorates.

They called on security bodies to carry out their legal responsibilities to refer any person or entity working outside the law or affecting people's lives, or harming public or private sectors to prosecution.

On the other hand, the Parliament reviewed a letter by Secretary General of Arab Parliamentary Union on the statement issued by Bahraini Shura Council over Iran's interference in the internal affairs of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The parliament issued a statement supporting Bahraini Shura Council over interference in its internal affairs, denouncing any interventions of any Arab county by any party whatsoever as it regarded an infringement of national sovereignty.

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