Friday, April 8, 2011

Anti Saleh Protesters Continue Protesting in Yemen

Apr 8, 2011

Millions of anti government protesters gathered for the 10th Friday of the revolution throughout the country demanding the fall of President Saleh's regime. The capital Sanaa saw the biggest anti protest since the beginning of the revolution where nearly one million took the streets.

Anti government chants continued for hours repeating, "O world listen to our demands, family rule has destroyed us."

"Oh Yemen revolt revolt, march towards the republican guards."

Just miles away from Sanaa change square, pro Saleh supporters continued to gather in large numbers. Saleh has been trying to send a message to all that if he steps down from power he does so with power and love of the people. "Yemen is in favor of President Saleh, but he is willing to step down for the love of the people," said senior Saleh official Yasser Awadhi.

Saleh and his ruling party has showed anger at the GCC initiative as it calls for Saleh to step down and guarentees immunity to him and his family. "This is degrading for the president, and the GCC is working in favor of those who want unconstitutional change in power," said Zaid Thari, a political advisor for President Saleh. "Saleh was elected democratically and shouldn't be forced to leave power."

Anti regime protesters in change square focused their speeches assuring the international community that the next government will fight terrorism and Al-Qaeda to ensure a safer future. "No one supports Al-Qaeda and the millions here will fight them," said revolution youth media spokesperson Adel Rabyee.

Hamood Hitar, the head of the government rehabilitation system for Al-Qaeda suspects preached the youth protesters today saying that Saleh's government used the al-Qaeda file to gain financial support while it knows it is not a real threat. "Al-Qaeda is not 10% of what the international media pictures it. The current regime wants Al-Qaeda to be an issue to receive international funds," said Hitar.

Revolution protesters gathered in nearly all of Yemen' provinces with Taiz, Hodieda, and Aden all gathering more than 400,000 each.

In Taiz, a girl was shot dead today by republican gaurd forces as she was protesting with her mother. Angered at the shooting, protesters starting marching towards the governors office. No clashes were reported.

Meanwhile, the organizing committee for the youth protesters rejected the GCC initaitive saying it does not fulfill all the demands of the youth. The commitee said that Saleh will not be forgiven by the people and will stand in front of international courts no matter what the negotaitions lead to. "He is behind the killing of innocent people. Be will not be forgiven," said an organizing committee representative.

Source: Yemen Post

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