Friday, March 11, 2011

Yemen's opposition ‘thugs’ attack young man in Dhamar

Dhamar, Mar 11, 2011- Several supporters of the Yemen opposition Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) have been accused of pushing a young Yemeni, Abdullah Hussein al-Rusabi, under the wheels of a truck in Dhamar province after they attacked him because he raised a photo of President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Witnesses said that al-Rusabi was passing by a rally organized by the JMP last Tuesday. When he lifted the president’s picture he was allegedly beaten and pushed under a truck.

As a result, his legs were broken and he was immediately hospitalized in Ma’aber. Yahya Ali al-Omari, the governor of Dhamar province, and Mujahed Shayef al-Ansi, the general secretary of the local council of Dhamar, visited al-Rusabi in hospital and after the incident.

Medical staff at the hospital said that al-Rusabi needed an operation to treat his broken legs after they were smashed under the truck’s tires. The local community meanwhile condemned the incident and all kinds of attacks that youth face around the country.

Source: Yemen Observer

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