Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Yemeni young protesters slam U.S., EU silence towards regime's “crimes”

Sana'a, Mar 16, 2011- Youths of the Revolution in Yemen said they were surprised and astonished by the silence of the international community “towards war crimes committed by security forces and pro-government thugs against peaceful demonstrators who are fighting for legal rights.”

In a statement by “The Youths of Revolution”, young protesters have expressed their disappointment and condemnation of “this silence, especially from countries that claim to foster democracy and protect human rights like the United States and European Union countries.”

Protesters said the latest statement by the U.S. Ambassador to Yemen that “the overthrow of President Saleh is not solution” encouraged President Saleh's regime to commit “a massacre” last Saturday, March 12.

The security forces used live bullets and internationally prohibited poison gas, said to be given to Yemen by the United States to use them in fighting terrorism, according to the statement.

Many protesters, attacked by hazardous gases, are still incurable because of the lack of suitable medicines, said the statement, urging the United Sates and European Union countries to provide hospitals with suitable medicines to save hundreds of people who are at risk of death.

The Youths of Revolution confirmed they would continue their revolution until they oust the regime and restore “the confiscated right of people as the source of power.”

On March 12, security forces and pro-regime thugs attacked protesters in the Change Square outside Sana'a University. One protester was killed and hundreds were hurt for inhaling a gas used in the attack.

Source: News Yemen

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