Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Yemen parliament approves 30-day emergency law

SANAA, March 23 (Xinhua) - Yemeni parliament on Wednesday approved imposing a state of emergency for 30 days upon a request from President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

The emergency law was approved by some ruling party's members despite the absence of majority parliamentary members, including independent MPs and members from the opposition coalition.

The law will give security forces further power in dealing with the latest developments amid increasing protests that demand an immediate end of Saleh's 33-year rule. The opposition coalition slammed the emergency law, claiming that the law is illegal and unconstitutional.

They said in the statement, which was obtained by Xinhua, that "anyone who approves this law will be considered as enemy of the nation, as the law is against all human rights." Saleh declared a 30-day nationwide state of emergency after Friday's shootings that claimed the lives of 52 protesters.

The embattled president on Tuesday warned against a civil war if any one attempts to seize the power through a military coup.

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