Wednesday, March 23, 2011

President Saleh Accepts opposition's Initiative to transfer Power peacefully

By Fatik Al-Rodaini

Sana'a, Mar 23, 2011- Yemen's President Ali Abdullah Saleh announced on Wednesday his acceptance of five points' initiative presented by the opposition coalition, the Joint Meeting Parties, JMP, in which aims to protect bloodshed and maintain national achievements.

President Saleh submitted his approved five points through a mediator who suggested Saleh accept the raised points which are as follows:

1- Forming a government of national unity to be tasked with setting up a national committee for formulating a new constitution.

2- Wording elections and referendum law based on the proportional representation.

3- Forming the supreme commission for elections and referendum.

4- Voting on the new constitution and holding parliamentary elections so that to form the new government and also elect a president end of 2011.

Informed source said that President Saleh has repeatedly affirmed a smooth, democratic and civil transfer of power in a way preserving stability and safety of the democratic institution.

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