Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Protesters March in Sana'a

Sana'a, Mar 29, 2011More than 20,000 anti government protesters suddenly left Change Square in Sanaa University and started marching Tuesday night. This is the first time they march in more than three weeks.

According to eyewitnesses, protesters said they will march down Siteen Rd., which is the same road to the palace, though it more than 15 km away.

One hour ago, Yemen’s elite Private Security Unit has been deployed to Siteen St. one km away from the Presidential Palace after rumors were heard that protesters are planning a march to the palace.

800 anti riot forces have been deployed to Siteen Road where the protesters are marching.

This was called by some members of the Youth Revolutionist after they felt that negotiations for Saleh leaving office was useless and only made him stronger.

This step comes in reply to President Saleh’s comments on the revolution youth when he said they were very small in number and will not affect his regime. “We want to show Saleh we are still here and have not marched because of us wanting him to leave with dignity and honor,” said one of the youth activists.

Source: Yemen Post

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