Saturday, March 26, 2011

Officers, soldiers in 1st Armored Brigade announce support to legitimacy

SANA'A, March 25 (Saba)- A number of officers and soldiers have decided to leave service at the First Armored Brigade and to transfer to the Ministry of Defense to join their comrades of armed forces.

The officers and soldiers said that this decision comes out of their sense of the magnitude of what was done by their military leadership that revolted against the constitutional legitimacy and sided by opposition joint meeting parties (JMPs) in order to stir up chaos and divide the homeland.

In this regard, they assured that they are against the calls aiming to split the armed forces and security units as this is a dangerous sign that does not threaten only the unity of the armed forces, but also the unity of the nation as a whole.

They renewed their covenant and loyalty to the homeland , the people and the political leadership represented by President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Moreover, they called on their colleagues in the units, that their leaders stood by the JMPs, to return to the national row and to refuse orders of those leaders.

They considered that any attempt to throw away the achievements of the country or stage a coup against the constitutional legitimacy and democracy or try to divide the armed forces and security is a major treason, pledging to sand up to anyone who tries to do so.

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