Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Corrupt Opposition Leaders must not Rise when Saleh Falls

By Hakim Almasmari

Sana'a- Mar 7, 2011- With days of the current regime limited, corrupt opposition officials must not be allowed to rise after the fall of the Saleh regime.

Tens of opposition leaders in the Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) have dirtied their hands with the wealth of the people over the last two decades. Some are involved in some of the biggest corruption scandals in Yemen’s recent history.

They are riding along with the waves of change, fearing that it is their only option and a good cover up for the theft of billions of dollars that they took from the people.

Such corrupt officials must not be given a chance to take part in the future Yemen just because they are against the regime. Protests today are against anyone who has harmed the general interests of the Yemeni people, whether they belong to the ruling party or opposition.

President Saleh’s regime is one of the most corrupt in the world, thanks to the support of figures in the opposition.

After the unity, wealth was divided amongst specific tribes and families, forming a backbone for the corrupt regime.

Nearly two decades ago, a big portion of the pie of Yemeni wealth was divided between certain families to ensure their loyalty to the fragile Saleh regime. However, over the years, families and tribes increased in number while the size of the pie deceased. This then forced the ruling family to redivide the pie, therefore, angering certain families. These families then opposed the regime, not for the love of the country, but because they were not given a bigger portion of the wealth that originally belonged to the people.

For those corrupt opposition leaders who think they will be rescued by the wave of change, I can assure them that they will face the same fate of the Saleh regime. Corruption is a virus that must be fought to the core to ensure it does not spread again.

Source: Yemen Post

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