Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Al-Qaeda Sympathizer Joins Yemen Opposition

Sana'a- Mar 2, 2011- Sheikh Amin Al-Okeimy of the Wailah tribe announced on Monday that he would join the opposition Joint Meeting Parties in calling for ousting President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Al-Okeimy, who had sheltered al-Qaeda leaders Abu Sinan al-Harithi and al-Ahdal, called on Saleh to “do what the people want and take important and rapid decisions that meet the demands of the people”.

He said in a statement that the tribe “stands by the people until they achieve all their goals”.

However, other sheikhs of the Wailah tribe rejected Al-Okeimy’s statement and said that they stood with Saleh and that they agreed with his initiative for reforms. In a statement, issued by sheikhs and dignitaries of Wailah tribe on Tuesday, they announced their stand with Saleh.

We stand with President Saleh with all our souls against those who call for disturbance and sabotage and we condemn those who announced themselves as sheikhs of the Bakil tribe, calling for standing with the opposition and with outlaws that call for bloodshed and sabotage and destruction,” read the statement. It was signed by a number of sheikhs of the Wailah tribe, topped by Sheikh Abu Saleh and Sheikh Ali Hussein Salah.

Source: Yemen Observer

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