Friday, February 25, 2011

US Selling Arms to Yemen Regime

US Selling Arms to Yemen Regime

Mike Kellerman

Washington- Feb 25, 2011- At a news conference for the foreign press, Crowley admits the US was caught by surprise by the revolts sweeping the Middle East and for the first time briefly commented on the options President Obama is considering on Libya, saying the

US administration is consulting with other nations about booting Libya off the UN

Human rights Commission, launching a full scale UN investigation, and even coordinated international military intervention….if the bloodshed continues…

He said Secretary of State Clinton is heading to Geneva to consult with other nations as the administration mulls what he calls the next steps…on Libya.

Crowley said the US has no plans to sever its military ties to Yemen even though US

Military aid being used to put down the rebellion there….

In a question from Press TV, Crowley, a bit uncomfortable, defended continued lethal US

Military aid to Yemen's government as necessary to combat terrorism.....

The US reportedly is providing the Yemeni government with hardware and intelligence meant to counter Al Qaeda, but critics charge its being used instead against Yemeni citizens protesting in the streets. Crowley offered no guarantees US Military aid is not being used by Yemen on its own people.

On the spontaneous revolts across the Arab World, Crowley denied the US had any hand in them, over and over describing the popular revolutions as quote remarkable, indicating US intelligence agencies dropped the ball by not providing Obama with accurate forecasts about the scope of the uprisings and how quickly they would spread across the Middle East and North Africa.

Source: Press TV

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