Thursday, August 21, 2014

President Hadi meets government officials, parliamentarians, other politicians

President Hadi meets government officials, parliamentarians, other politicians
August 20, 2014
President Abdu Rabbu Mansour Hadi along with Parliament Speaker Yehia al-Raee, PM deputy, Minister of Telecommunications and Information Technology Ahmed Obaid Bin Daghr, and President Hadi's aides met on Wednesday with members of Parliament, the Cabinet, Shura Council and a number of political and party leaders, civil society organizations, women's sector, social figures and military and security leaders.
During the meeting, Hadi delivered a speech where he said that Yemen is going through a critical, historic, and very important era, which requires to unify efforts all of Yemenis to face all the country's challenges at various levels.
"I am absolutely convinced and confident that we are able to bring the nation to safety and to build a modern Yemeni state,'' Hadi said.
Hadi said since the eruption of 2011's crisis, the political powers in the country adhered to the dialogue to handle the crisis in the country, which averted Yemen from dragging into a civil war. Adding that the GCC-brokered deal was a suitable solution agreed by all political components in the country in the light of the GCC initiative that led the country to the National Dialogue which represents with its outcomes a roadmap for a secure and stable future of Yemen.
"As you know the progress of the NDC had been facing a number of political and security obstacles which aim to hinder the path of political settlement process in the country through creating various crises, problems and conflicts across Yemen, however despite those challenges we brought the NDC to a successful conclusion on January 25,'' the President said in his speech.
The President added that today we have a historic and significant document drafted by all Yemenis and backed by brotherly and friendly countries, yet this document today is in a critical situation in the light of the latest security and political developments and through the latest escalation by who thinks that he can impose unknown and upcoming alternatives through resorting to violence and power.
"Since the beginning of my term in the office I adhered to solve the problem of the country through forming several presidential committees to tackle whether emergent matters or cumulative issues like Southern and Sa'ada issues,'' Hadi said.
Hadi stated in his speech that over our concern to solve the problems of Sa'ada issue we formed several presidential committees to address the issues of Damaj, Radhma, Araheb anf Jawf and lately the issue of Ameran. Moreover, the President said that the last Presidential committee visited Sa'ada on August 16, in addition to another committee, which is still working now and aims to discuss the executive package to implement the NDC outcomes concerning the Sa'ada issue.
"Hence, I invite them to review their attitude and to look at things with responsibility and realize the dire consequences of a departure from the national consensus,'' Hadi said.
Hadi was quoted as adding that the recently approved reforms were aimed at preventing a possible economic collapse as the country continued to import fuels for funds nearly double the country's revenues from crude exports, saying those reforms were preceded by a number of an austerity package aimed to control the growing cash shortage that Yemen has been experiencing since late last year.
The package includes freezing hiring for all state institutions; halting procurement of cars for government officials, restricting the international travel by government officials. Also Hadi said that the austerity package proposes improving tax collection methods and solving accumulated unpaid tax duties.
Hadi in his speech renewed his call to all political, societal powers and components in the country and regional and international powers to bear their responsibilities through supporting the political settlement in Yemen based on the Gulf initiative and its executive mechanism, urging to stay away from all kinds of media provocations, and renouncing violence, force and threat that aim to achieve any purposes outside the framework of what had been unanimously agreed by Yemenis.
Hadi at the meeting asked the army to raise its combat alert level, saying the state has the right to resort to all legitimate means to defend the gains of Yemeni people and NDC outcomes and the maintenance of security and social peace.
"We extend our hand to all and we open up the political dialogue due to our belief that the language of dialogue is the best choices.
The meeting formed a presidential committee to meet with Abdul Malil al-Houth in order to negotiate with him based on the Gulf Initiative and its executive mechanism taking into consideration the respect of Yemeni people's will and the implementation of the outcomes of the National Dialogue Conference (NDC). The committee is composed of 10 members and headed by Ahmed Obaid Bin Daghr.

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