Sunday, July 15, 2012

Salafis officially declare political party

July 15, 2012
Yemeni salafis officially declared on Sunday a political party, Al-Rashad, in which Salafis from various parts of the country took part.
Salfists had announced about their party in the mid of last March, but internal disagreements led to the delay of its declaration officially.
Minister of Information Ali Al-Amrani along with members of parliaments and representatives of political parties and civil society attended the declaration ceremony in the capital Sana'a.
In a speech, Al-Amrani called all Yemenis to renounce violence culture and adopt tolerance principles to build up a modern Yemeni nation.
Head of the party Mohammad Al-Amiri said that the party will take part in all areas of Yemen's political and economic life and cooperate with all Yemeni political parties in favor of Yemen.
He emphasized that the party will present its own visions about Yemen's stalemates, particularly the southern and Saada cases, singling out that the party is open to all Yemenis in line with Islamic Shariah law.
He denounced all violence acts committed against civilians and soldiers, decrying the incident of the Police College in which dozens of cadets were killed and wounded last week in Sana'a.
He called on the Yemeni government to shoulder its responsibilities to maintain security and stability, develop living standards of Yemenis, combat poverty and unemployment and food security.
Meanwhile, Salafis of Saada governorate boycotted the party, criticizing the formation of a salafi part and stressing that they refuse the participation in the political life.
Source: Yemen Post

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