Wednesday, July 18, 2012

President Hadi's speech before cadets of the War College

By Yemen 21 News
SANA'A, July 18, 2012- President Abdrabuh Mansour Hadi paid a visit to the War College on the occasion of ending the academic year.
During his visit to the college, President Hadi delivered a speech to cadets of the War College, covering various political, scientific, social aspects reviewing what have been achieved on the ground on the level of the historic political settlement under the Gulf initiative.
President Hadi expressed his appreciations for the meeting with the cadets of military college, congratulating the leaders and cadets of the college of the occasion of the advent of the holy fasting month of Ramadan, wishing all health and happiness.
He said "I am delighted to pay a visit to the War College, which participated effetely on the security spreading during the 2011's crisis, saving the security and stability in the capital Sana'a  along with presents' properties.''
Hadi added "You were a model in the armed forces, and I hope when you graduated do not influence by the past because you are sons of the people and serve the whole people and not for a family or group," confirming that Yemen has experienced various crisis at the political, economic, and security levels and reflected on other aspects at the same time.''
Furthermore, the President said if that all crisis happened at the same time in any country it would affect negatively and it would be collapsed, however; when the political powers accepted the country's political settlement based on the Gulf initiative and its executive mechanism backed by the Security Council resolution No. 2014  as an international solution we could avert the country dragging in the civil war.
He pointed out that Yemen is celebrating the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the Yemeni revolution of September and October, and we are still in conflict and deporting the crisis, one after another.
He also noted to the 2011's crisis, saying "There are several reasons, internal and external ones, the internal one was the division of armed forces which could not maintain its unity as a safety valve for the national unity and it is for all Yemeni people and not only for one family or some group reflecting the principles of September and October revolutions.''   
During his speech at the Military College President Hadi pointed out to the forming of the national government, the early elections, and the forming of the Military committee along with other tasks which he said considered as the first stage of the Gulf initiative and its executive mechanism, saying that ''Today we go on the second stage of the Gulf initiative by preparing for the comprehensive national dialogue in order to find solutions to all of the country's issues.''
The President added ''We have experienced complicated and difficult circumstances and still more there, but today is better than yesterday, we achieved a lot and still more as well.''
President Hadi revealed that foreign ambassadors to Yemen asked him to convey their residence to Djibouti or Oman and to come every week, but I told them your stands would enter the country into civil war, and then they connected their countries and changed their stands.''
''Our meeting with them continued especially with the crisis of power cuts and oil and diesel shortages which reflected badly on children, women and elderly and caused scores of them to death in the operating rooms, intensive operations, dialysis, and premature babies, the death toll sometimes were up to 50 to from power outages.''
President Hadi considered the return of displaced persons to Zanzibar and Ja'ar, and some houses in the villages, especially with the holy month as a great victory for humanitarian and relief to the displaced, which suffered from the pain and trouble last year, stressing that we will continue pursuing terrorists everywhere in Yemen.
President Hadi "We hope that our brothers in Iran to stop their interference in Yemen affairs, and taking into account the exact circumstances experienced by Yemen in this critical and sensitive, and Yemen did not interfere days in the affairs of any country near or far, and we tell everyone here from the Military Academy, leave Yemen alone and it is enough."
He touched upon the forming of the technical preparatory committee for the comprehensive national conference, saying that "Some political powers differ in their interpretations of the nature work of the technical committee, some believe that they attend to the conference as same as the previous conference which the task of the committee is to formulate the decisions and recommendations and the conference members come just for signing or ratification."
''The mission of the committee is to identify the bodies and the number of delegates or members and determine the place and time to hold the conference, the mission of the committee also is to discuss  issues and important files, which will determine the shape of system in Yemen based on the national principles in order to serve a new Yemen and its development and prosperity,'' the President added.

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