Saturday, June 16, 2012

Yemeni press pioneer dies in Germany

June 16, 2012
Hisham Bashraheel, the owner of Yemen's now-banned pro-southern autonomy daily newspaper Al-Ayyam, died on Saturday in Berlin at the age of 69, his brother said.
"I have lost my brother, a pioneer of the press in Yemen," Tamman Bashraheel told AFP. "He died this morning after being ill for some time."
Aden-based mass-circulation Al-Ayyam was banned by the former regime of president Ali Abdullah Saleh in January 2009. The paper espoused the separatist cause of separation from the north. Until 1990, South Yemen was a separate state.
After armed clashes outside the Al-Ayyam building in the southern port city, Hisham Bashraheel was arrested in January 2010 and prosecuted for setting up an armed group and for the murder of a policeman.
He was freed after three months and allowed several weeks ago to travel to Germany for medical treatment.

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