Thursday, June 14, 2012

President Hadi receives U.S. Congress delegation

June 14, 2012
SANA'A- President Abdrabuh Mansour Hadi received U.S. congress delegation led by Todd Platts, a member of the Committee of Oversight and Government Reform and the Chairman of the Subcommittee of Government Organization, Efficiency and Financial Management, who is visiting Yemen currently to express American's support for the political settlement in the country.
After welcoming the delegation president Hadi expressed his pleasure at this visit, which has a particular importance at the current, difficult, precise circumstances of Yemen history.
He indicated to the natural of the 2011 crisis, saying that crisis it could lead to a civil war due to the sharp difference and division, which included security and military components as well as the all components in the society.
The president reviewed with the American delegation efforts have been made locally, regionally, and internationally in order to avoid conflicts and civil war, stressing that the international community's cooperation has secured Yemen.
During the meeting President Hadi valued the efforts made by American Ambassador to Yemen and ambassadors of the permanent members of the Security Council and the European Union as well as Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)'s states, who made exceptional efforts for reaching these results which avert Yemen from dragging into civil war.
The President touched to the challenges Yemen has suffered at the security, political and economic levels, pointing out to the problem of Yemen economic which it was weak and it is aggravated as a result of the 2011 crisis, saying that needs aids for Yemen in order to get the country out of its delicate and sensitive condition.
"The procedures and decisions have been taken, reflected the framework of the Gulf initiative and its executive mechanism backed by the Security Council resolution 2014, stressing that we will continue with strong will in order to carry out all actions towards the hopeful future,'' Hadi added.
President Hadi also touched to what Yemen has suffered from over the past years, such as the internal wars and the social, in addition to al-Qaeda terrorist operations in some provinces in the south particularly in the province of Abyan, which target the security and stability there, praising the success of Yemeni army in forcing al-Qaeda militants to flee the scene of the battles.
For his part, American official highly appreciated the great efforts made by the President Hadi, in such critical stage, stressing that the U.S. would provide all kind of assistance to Yemen.

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