Thursday, May 17, 2012

Murderer expected to receive death sentence

May 17, 2012
Mohamed Bin Sallam
SANA’A — The Southeastern Capital Court is expected to sentence Abdulamlik Al-Ansi, the Prime Minister’s driver, to death within a few days, a source at the Southeastern Capital Court confirmed to Yemen Times, on condition of anonymity.
Al-Ansi is accused of killing the gate keeper of Exceed Language Institute last Saturday after a heated argument.
 “In order to avoid illegal tribal retribution and appease the deceased one’s family, the suspect will soon be sentenced to death” the court source said.
A Cabinet source told the Yemen Times on condition of anonymity that much of what has been circulated by the news media about the murder is completely false
He stated that various media outlets reported that Al-Ansi is one of the Prime Minister’s guards. However this source confirmed that Al-Ansi only serves as a driver for the Prime Minister’s daughter.
The source further explained that Al-Ansi has been working as a driver with Khaleda, the Prime minister’s daughter, for many years.  Khaleda is said to be one of the main owners of the Exceed Language Institute. She is not facing any charges related to the death.
 “I know this man personally, he’s honest and well respected in the community. He’s never been convicted of any other crimes other than being accused of killing in this incident,”
 “I believe the killing was an accident, but when the judge makes a ruling he will consider all of the information available,” the same source concluded.
The Prime Minister, Mohamed Salem Basindawa stated last Saturday that he called the interior minister and ordered him to arrest the killer. The  suspect was brought in last Monday, according to the Ministry of Interior. 
One of the citizens in the capital Sana’a commented on the incident saying, “we used to hear many stories about killing incidents and crimes taking place during Saleh’s reign, but we never heard of a single time the perpetrator was held responsible.”
 “But Basindawa turned his driver in immediately to the prosecution, proving that the Yemeni spring is showing fruit,” the citizen said
The driver fired several shots in the general direction of the gate, it didn’t appear that he was trying to kill Al Sanabani, but a stray bullet hit him,” eyewitnesses told local media outlets last Saturday.

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