Monday, May 7, 2012

Liaison Committee of national dialogue formed

SANA'A, May 06 (Saba) – The presidential decree No.(13) for 2012 was issued on Sunday forming a Liaison Committee and is hereby read as follows:
After the perusal of Yemeni constitution and according to the Gulf initiative and its executive mechanism signed on November 23, 2011and which stipulated to start procedures to hold the national dialogue conference with the beginning of the second transitional period, it is decided to:
• Article No.(1/a) : For involving all parties in the dialogue process, the liaison committee was formed and consisting the followed eight members :
1. Abdul Kareem Ali al-Eriani.
2. Abdul Wahab Ahmed al-Anisi.
3. Yasin Saeed No'man.
4. J'afar Saeed Ba Saleh.
5. Brigadier/ Hussain Mohammed Arab.
6. Brigadier/ Abdul Qahder Ali Hilal.
7. Lawyer/ Raqiah Abdul Qahder Homaidan.
8. Nadiah Abdul Aziz al-Saqaf.
• (1/b) :The committee members would elect a chairman for the this committee.
• Article No.(2) : The committee can take recourse of those who are regarded as useful to success the negotiation process and all parties have to cooperate in facilitating the committee's tasks in order to accelerate the formation of the national dialogue's preparatory committee for a period not exceeding June 30, 2012.
Article No.(3) : stipulated that the decree shall be effective from its issuance date and to be published in the official gazette.

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