Monday, April 2, 2012

Yemen’s General Mohsen to step down

Jawaher Asa’ad | 2 April 2012 |
SANA’A: Sources privy to the matter told that rebel General Ali Mohsen Al Ahmar would have eventually bowed to pressure and promised US ambassador Fierstein that he would retire from his position as the Head of al-Firkah.
Ever since the signature of the GCC brokered power-transfer the Americans sought to convince the veteran military man to leave the army, allowing Yemen to move away from the old guard. For three decades Mohsen was one of President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s strongmen, a pillar of the regime before he decided to side with the revolution.
Fierstein who has been advocating for a swift restructuration of the army as per provisioned by the GCC initiative, is now believed to have successfully convinced Mohsen of the need for him to depart from power.
With tensions mounting throughout Yemen and more reports of armed clashes in between al-Qaeda and the armed forces as well as tribal elements opposed to the remnants of the regime, the international community and the GCC countries are now keen to push for a comprehensive national dialogue, hoping that it will prevent a bloody civil war.

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