Sunday, April 22, 2012

US supports Yemeni leader''s decisions on GCC initiative - US diplomat

SANAA, April 22 (KUNA) -- US Ambassador in Sanaa Gerald M. Feierstein here on Sunday said the decisions made by Yemeni President Abdo Rabbo Mansour Hadi were not subjected to the consensus of the political parties who signed the GCC initiative to solve Yemeni crisis.
In a press statement, Feierstein explained that there was a relationship between the agreement and the transitional government and its decisions, adding that his country refused any indication to the necessity of that President Hadi must discuss his decisions with any bodies before being issued.
He reiterated the US and international community's support of President Hadi and the Yemeni National Reconciliation Government for the sake of implementing items of the GCC initiative agreement, which organizes the transition of authority process in Yemen within two years and three months.
The US diplomat called for dismissal of military leaders who refuse to comply with Yemeni President's decisions, in respect for constitutional legitimacy, noting his country expected solving of this problem within the next few days, without ruling out any procedure taken by international community against sides hampering the GCC initiative.
Also, he added that the 10 sponsoring countries to the GCC initiative have announced their full support of President Hadi's decisions on military restructuring moves, pointing out that such decisions fully harmonized with the spirit of the GCC initiative and to what Yemeni people voted for in the early presidential elections on February 21.
In addition, the US diplomat affirmed that the UN envoy for Yemen Jamal bin Omar, who is currently visiting Yemen, was going to submit a report to the UN Security Council (UNSC) on May 17, in which UNSC would decide on what procedures were necessary against those who try to hamper implementing the GCC initiative.
Moreover, Feierstein continued that a US technical military team was to visit Sanaa again at the end of next month to provide the Yemeni leadership with assistance regarding reconstruction of the Yemen military in accordance to the GCC initiative.

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