Thursday, April 5, 2012

Interior Ministry warns of potential terrorist attacks in Yemen's capital

SANA'A, April 5, 2012- Ministry of Interior ordered the security and police forces to raise the level of alert, to remain vigilant, and to double security presence around governmental institutions in the Yemeni capital of Sana'a in anticipation of potential terrorist attacks targeting some sites in it.
In a statement posted on the ministry of interior official website on Wednesday, the ministry also stressed the importance of setting up more checkpoints in the city with the aim to arrest those criminals who are on the wanted list as well as stop suspected vehicles.
It has further instructed that constant supervision of guarding units and the established checkpoints must take place regularly, urging all security and police units to coordinate and work with the spirit of one team to be able to foil any attack.
Sources close to the forces loyal to the former President Ail Abdullah Saleh announced that they had information that indicated al-Qaeda's intentions of carrying out attacks in the capital.
Security has deteriorated sharply in Yemen, especially in the southern and southeastern provinces as al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula has expanded its foothold and stepped up its attacks, taking an advantage of the current unrest that has gripped the poor state for over a year.
Source: Yemen Post

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