Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fresh sabotage attack on power supply lines in Yemen

April 12, 2012
Yemeni government said on Thursday that a new sabotage attack took place targeting the supply power lines providing the Yemeni capital of Sana'a with electricity in Jaadan area in Marib province, where the main gas-operated power station is based.
"The first circuit of the electrical transmission lines Marib-Sana'a was subjected to a fresh sabotage attack today around in Marib," reported the official Saba news agency citing a high-ranking official in the General Electricity Corporation.
The saboteurs threw the lines with an iron chain connecting the power isolated lines, and thus forcing Marib Power Station to be out of service with all its capacity, the unnamed official explained.
Meanwhile, the power was blacked out again in Sana'a with residents complaining about the bad management of the power lines, which are subjected frequently to attacks since the outbreak of protests against ex President Ali Abdullah Saleh long rule, by the concerned authorities.
Ahmed Ali Al-Badoui told Yemen Post, "we hold the authorities responsible for the repeated attacks on power towers and lines as they are responsible for protecting them from any saboteurs."
"Since last year, we have heard of hundreds of attacks on the vital service transmission lines, but we did not hear, even for once, about the saboteurs being arrested and be severely punished for their crimes," he continued.
Last month, the electricity minister Saleh Sameih directly accused Saleh of being behind the attacks and demanded Saleh and other powerful figures pay the owed power bills.
Source: Yemen Post

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