Friday, April 27, 2012

7 Al-Qaeda militants killed and wounded including senior leader in Yemen's Abyan… updated

By Fatik al-Rodaini
SANA'A, April 27, 2012- At least 7 fighters linked to al-Qaeda reportedly were killed and wounded on Friday evening during an ambush conducted by tribesmen in the Yemeni city of Abyan, where continued clashes between Yemeni troops and al-Qaeda militants.
According to tribal sources, the militants were ambushed in al-Arkob district north the city of Shakera in the southern province of Abyan.
''Tribesmen ambushed a vehicle believed to be carrying al-Qaeda militants on road linking Shakera and Um Aen cities, killing and wounding 7 militants,'' the tribal sources reported.
Moreover, a senior al-Qaeda militant has died on Friday due to injuries sustained in an airstrike attacked on militant hideouts last Tuesday in Yemen's southern province of Abyan.
''Mazen Abdullah al-Saed, known as Abu Salem has died in Um Sora district of Abyan province,'' a resident stated.
Meanwhile, close sources said that al-Qaeda militants returned back to positions in Yasof district of Abyan province, where fierce battles took place between Yemeni forces backed by tribesmen and al-Qaeda militants three weeks ago.
Local news websites in southern province of Hadhramout reported that Yemeni authorities arrested during the last two days at least 39 al-Qaeda militants, all of them are foreigners.
''The militants fled from Abyan province to Al-Mukalla city after fierce clashes took place in Abyan forcing them to leave their hideouts,'' a resident said.
According to security sources, the detainees, who were arrested in al-Mukalla by the Yemeni authorities, were intending to flee to Saudi Arabia.

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