Sunday, January 8, 2012

Yemeni opposition leaders says immunity for Saleh disputed

January 8, 2012

News Yemen

Sana'a, The spokesperson of the opposition Joint Meeting Parties on Saturday disclosed an argument between the General People’s Congress party and the Joint Meeting Parties over the content of the draft immunity law to Saleh and his aides.

Abdu al-Odaini said that the content suggested by the G PC party calls for immunity from prosecution for crimes that were committed and that will be committed in the future.

Al-Odaini said that reaching a national reconciliation instead of immunity law will solve many national problems, pointing that the JMP will present a proposal in this regard.

He said that the GP C party tries to escape its obligations regarding the implementation of the Gulf initiative and the presidential elections in 21 February.

al-Odaini said that the JMP is committed from the first moment of the signing of the Gulf initiative to the implementation of the initiative.

He stressed on the importance of the success of the coming presidential elections to transition from the stage of corruption and favoritism to the stage of civil state.

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