Saturday, January 21, 2012

Al-Qaeda to hold press conference in South Yemen

Sana'a, January 21, 2012- Ansar Al-Sharia, a group affiliated to al-Qaeda, announced Friday it would hold a press conference in the southern Yemeni province of Abyan.

The terrorist group invited all internal and international news agencies to attend the conference set to take place today.

Al-Qaeda did not; however, reveal what sort of announcements will be made at the conference. But some sources asserted it would clarify what's going on in the province and its position regarding the return of refugees to their homes.

Ansar Al-Sharia has been involved in fierce battles with security force since May when it took over Zinjubar, the provincial capital of Abyan, leaving hundreds killed of the two sides and displacing tens of thousands.

It's noteworthy that this move is the first of its kind for the al-Qaeda affiliated group.

Cooperation between Yemen and US on terrorism has been disrupted due to the unrest storming the country since February, when thousands of Yemenis took to streets demanding an end to authoritarian rule of President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Source: Yemen Post

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