Thursday, December 8, 2011

Yemen's new unity government

SANAA, Dec 08, 2011 (AFP) - Yemen's prime minister designate has unveiled a new unity government as stipulated in the Gulf Cooperation Council deal to transfer power from President Ali Abdullah Saleh to his deputy Vice President Abdrabuh Mansur Hadi.
The 34-member cabinet is divided equally among Saleh loyalists from the ruling General People's Congress (GPC) and the formal opposition Common Forum.
Saleh's ministers for foreign affairs and defence have retained their posts.
The interior ministry, the human rights portfolio, finance and information ministries have been entrusted to the opposition.
The new government will carry out its duties for three months, after which elections will be held and Vice President Hadi will formally take over the presidency.
Following is a list of the new Yemen cabinet:
-Prime Minister: Mohammed Basindawa (Opposition leader)
-Foreign Minister: Abu Bakr al-Qourbi (GPC)
-Defence Minister: Mohammed Nasser Ahmed (GPC)
-Interior Minister: Abdelqader Qahtan (Opposition)
-Justice Minister: Morshed Ali al-Arshani (Opposition)
-Finance Minister: Sakhr Ahmed Abbas (Opposition)
-Information Minister: Ali Ahmed al-Amrani (Opposition)
-Health Minister: Ahmed Qasem al-Ansi (GPC)
-Minister for Human Rights: Houriya Mashhour Ahmed (Opposition)
-Agriculture and Irrigation Minister: Farid Ahmed al-Moujawar (GPC)
-Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research: Yahya Mohammed al-Shoueibi (GPC)
-Religious Affairs Minister: Hammoud Mohammed al-Abad (GPC)
-Labour and Social Affairs Minister: Amat al-Razzaq Hamad (GPC)
-Public Works Minister: Omar Abdullah al-Korshami (GPC)
-Electricity Minister: Saleh Hasan Sami (Opposition)
-Petroleum and Minerals Minister: Hisham Sharaf Abdullah (GPC- former minister of trade and industry)
-Minister of Planning and International Cooperation: Mohammed Said al-Saadi (Opposition- Islamic Islah party)
-Telecommunications Minister: Ahmed Obeif bin Dagher (GPC)
-Education Minister: Abdelrazzaq Yahya al-Ashwal (Opposition)
-Legal Affairs Minister: Mohammed Ahmed al-Makhlafi (Opposition)
-Tourism Minister: Qasim Salam (Saleh loyalist)
-Water and Environment Minister: Abdo Razaz Saleh Khaled (Opposition)
-Culture Minister: Abdullah Manthouq (Opposition)
-Minister of Transport: Waed Abdullah Batheeb (Opposition)
-Minister of Trade and Industry: Saad Eddine Ali Salem bin Taleb (Opposition)
-Minister for Expatriate Affairs: al-Qahali (GPC)
-Minister of Vocational Training: Abdel Hafeth Thabet Noman (Opposition)
-Minister of Local Government Affairs: Ali Mohammed al-Yazidi (Opposition)
-Youth and Sports Minister: Moammar al-Iryani (GPC)
-Civil Services Minsiter: Nabil Abdo Shamsan (GPC)
-Minister for Fishing Resources: Awad Mohammed Saqtari (GPC- former electricity minister)
-Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs: Rashad Ahmed Rasas (GPC)
-Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs: Jawhara Hammoud Thabet (Opposition)
-Minister of State (without portfolio) Shaef Aziz Sagheer (GPC)
-Minister of State (without portfolio) Hasan Ahmed Sharaf Eddine (Opposition)

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