Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Russia: 60 Islamic radicals killed in Yemen

The Associated Press
Sana'a, December 21, 2011-The Russian Foreign Ministry says 60 Islamic radicals, including four Russian citizens, have been killed in clashes in northern Yemen.
The ministry said they died in fighting between ultraconservative Salafis and Hawthi Shiites that has been going on in the province of Saada since mid-November.
The Russian Embassy in Yemen counted 36 Russian citizens living in Saada — students at the Salafi-run Dar al-Hadith school for Islamic studies and their families.
"According to the information received, 60 radicals were killed, including four Russian citizens," the ministry statement said.
Dar al-Hadith, in the city of Dammaj, has long been a popular destination for foreign students. The Russian Embassy said the Russian students are there illegally, having bypassed regulations for leaving Russia.

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