Saturday, December 3, 2011

Five dead in clashes in Yemen

03 December, 2011
Sana'a- At least five people were killed Saturday in bombings by the Yemeni army on Taiz, the scene of violent clashes between the regime forces and gunmen belonging to tribes
Three of the victims of these bombings are members of the one family, while two gunmen were killed in clashes with troops of the regime of president Abdallah Salah.
Forces loyal to President Abdallah Salah try to take over this city (second of the country), in the hands of armed men of the tribes who protect anti-regime demonstrators.
The majority rejected the agreement on a peaceful transition at the head of state, signed by President Ali Abdallah Salah and the opposition.
During the past three days, more than thirty people, mostly civilians, were killed in bombings attributed to loyalist forces of the army.

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