Saturday, November 5, 2011

Clashes in Sa’ada Between Houthis and Salafis

Sana'a, November 5, 2011- One Salafi student was killed in clashes between the Shia Houthi Movement and the extreme Sunni Salafi movement in the northern Yemen Sa’ada province.

The escalations between both groups started when Houthis claimed that Salafis are entering weapons inside their educational institutions in the town of Dammaj, and demanded that all military posts are emptied.

As Salafis refused, a tightened siege against their religious school complex took place early this week resulting in no food or medicine entering the facility.

Fares Manna, the governor of Sa’ada, did not succeed in having a ceasefire continue for more than four hours.

Salafis are calling on the Yemeni government to help in ending the siege of their educational institution before a war outbreak takes place।

Source: Yemen Post

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