Thursday, November 10, 2011

Al-Houthi Expansion Plan in Yemen Revealed

Sana'a, November 10, 2011, Several sources in Hajjah, a northern Yemeni governorate which sits directly on the northern Saudi borders, told the press that al-Houthis fighters, a Shia led rebellion, were increasingly expanding their area of control in the region as they had already overtaken several towns and villages in the province. They warned that despite a fierce resistance from the tribes of Kashir and Aahm, al-Houthis still managed to break through, overwhelming the tribal army in numbers and weapons.

Until recently, tribes in Hajjah were benefited greatly from the government' support as they were seen as a buffer against al-Houthis' territorial ambitions, especially since Hajjah offers not only an access to the sea but also the capital, Sana'a.

However since President Saleh has had to bear the blunt of a popular uprising, concentrating his efforts on regaining control over the state institutions by taming the political factions which rose against him, al-Houthis has used to his advantage the regime's weaknesses, pushing through his expansion plans.

Several high ranking officials amongst whom many sheikhs are now worry that al-Houthis are planning a direct attack on Sana'a as the Shia fighters are said to be desperately trying to secure access to the governorate's seaport of Midi.

They are warning that if the seaport was to fell into al-Houthis' hands, the rebels would be able to ferry weapons and equipment from abroad, granting an incredible advantage and the potential means of carrying a wider attack on Yemen territories.

Furthermore, over the past few weeks, the Shia rebels have managed to take control over Kahlah al Sharaf district, which is believed to be further proof that al-Houthis are trying to create a direct link in between Sana'a and the Red Sea, in preparation of an attempted take -over.

If Hajjah was to be lost, it would the third Yemeni provinces to have gone under control of al-Houthis led rebellion on a few months, increasing exponentially the risk of the country sinking into utter chaos and Mayhem.

Sources in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have said under cover of anonymity that they were watching the events with utmost interest since most of their southern borders ran through al-Houthis' controlled territories and that the group has be known in the past for attacking Saudi villages which they claim ownership over.

Source: Yemen Post

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