Sunday, September 4, 2011

Jordanian Students in Yemen and Syria to protest next Tuesday

AMMONNEWS- September 4, 2011- A group of Jordanian students in Yemen and Syria universities threatened to staged a sit- in in front of the Ministry of Higher Education and scientific Research building if the ministry does not solve their problem.
The Students expressed anger of what they called government’s ignoring their demands to except them in the Jordanian public universities.
Many Jordanian students in Syria told 'Ammon News' that they could not live in Syria, especially since the security situation had been very bad since the crackdown, and they were constantly exposed to danger.
They criticised the government for ignoring their demands relating to promptly placing them in local universities, they told Ammon News.
The students, returned to Jordan after protests broke out in Syria and Yemen. And they called on the government to accept all Jordanian students in Syria and Yemen at the beginning of the academic year in the same specializations that they had been studying in Yemen and Syria.
The Minister of Higher Education, Wajeh Owais, said that the students should return to their universities in Syria, and the students exception in the Jordanian university was not listed.

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