Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fresh confrontations break out in the capital of Yemen

By: Mohammed al-Kibsi

Sana'a, September 17, 2011- At least four people were killed and three others wounded in clashed broke out between the security forces and militias of Sheikh Sadiq al-Ahmar in al-Hasaba neighborhood on Wednesday night and Thursday morning.

This was the second time to break the ceasefire brokered by Saudi Arabia last June.

Sheikh Sadiq al-Ahmar’s office confirmed that the fresh attacks that took place Wednesday al-Hasaba zone came from the Ministry of Interior by the Republican Guard, led by the son of Ali Abdullah Saleh.

The office said in a press release that the attacks came as an attempt to blow up the situation again in al-Hasaba, stressing that the guards of Sheikh Sadiq committed to the truce did not respond to the bombing that targeted several places in the neighborhood al-Hasaba, resulting in deaths and injuries of residents within the neighborhood.

The Office of Sheikh Sadiq al-Ahmar said that The remnants of the Republican Guard had been trying for weeks to explode the situation through continual provocations against the guards of Sheikh al-Ahmar that did not respond to that. Residents of al-Hasaba said that there were heavy mortar shelling in al-Hasaba on Wednesday evening and that confrontations continued until Thursday morning.

Meanwhile the Interior Ministry said the news that "its forces attacked the homes of al-Ahmar sons in al-Hasaba neighborhood were inaccurate.

A security source at the ministry of interior said that confrontations boke out between the security forces and between the tribesmen affiliated to al-Hamar sons after the latter clashed with soe residents of al-Hasaba neighborhood that refused to let the militants to dig entrenches in front of their homes.

" some media outlets published reports via telephone, without any investigation or making sure of what happened exactly and they even did not communicate with the officials at the ministry of interior to know what happened,” the source said.

field to communicate with the official sources."

“What happened on Wednesday is that the people of homes located in the vicinity of al-Ahmar house refused to let the militants of al-Ahmar sons to dig trenches in front of their homes, "and that these militias," tried by force to dig the trenches and opened fire on residents that called on the police for help. "

"The security forces assure the citizens that it is" ready at all times to respond to terror practices committed by militias of al-Ahmar sons, siad a statement issued by the ministry of interior on Friday.

"We will not accept blackmail by outlaws who want to terrorize the people and threatening them directly or through the media of the civil war."

"These militias know well that the army and security is able to clear them and their leadership from the area when the State decides that, but the political leadership of the Republic of Yemen is trying to address the problems that was created by the enemies of the nation with wisdom and with minimal losses."

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