Thursday, September 29, 2011

Come to power is opposition's right but via constitution, President says

SANA'A- President Ali Abdullah Saleh said Thursday that it is the right of the opposition to come to power but via the constitution that shows the means of transfer of power peacefully.
The President made the statement during his meeting with head of the Yemen Scholars Society (YSS) Mohammed al-Hajji together with several Society's members taken part in the YSS's scientific meeting concluded today [Thursday] with a participation of 500 scholars.
Saleh pointed to the outlaws' crimes, topped by attacking military camps, killing soldiers, blocking roads, cutting off electricity, blasting oil pipeline, hindering oil and gas access to citizens and impeding the students' access to the educational establishments, stressing the scholars' responsibility to demonstrate the Islamic Sharia's judgments in such crimes that impact negatively on the country and citizens' interests.
"The country's suffering and the outlaws' crimes impose on scholars to tell the truth and advise those, who do not care of the country and people's interest", the President said, indicating to the country's crisis sparked owing to some political parties' intransigence.
"If the opposition, with no power now, perpetrates all the sabotage acts, what it will do when comes to power?" Saleh wondered, reiterating his call for dialogue.
The scholars, who tell the truth and criticize the outlaw acts, are accused by the opposition of telling lies, Saleh said, urging them to keep on saying the truth and fear none but Allah.

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