Saturday, August 20, 2011

VP meets tribal group members

SANA’A, August 20 (Saba)- Vice President Abdo Rabbo Mansour Hadi met on Saturday members of the preparatory committee and representatives of the General Conference of the Yemeni Tribes, which recently concluded in Sana’a.

During the meeting, the Vice President praised the participants in the conference for taking their national responsibility, calling on all Yemenis to preserve the country’s security, stability and tranquility.

"We support any efforts or conferences work for national principles and maintain the country’s security, stability and tranquility. All political parties, civil society organizations, tribal leaders and social, political and legal figures should take their national responsibility", the Vice President said in the meeting.

"We must be aware that Yemen is under the worst and unprecedented political, security and economic crisis, especially since our economy is weak", he added.

Hadi also pointed out that the international community agrees on the importance of maintaining Yemen’s security, stability and unity and calls for full and unequivocal cooperation to end the current crisis in Yemen.

The Vice President also said to the attendees that there are good and important signs on the way of resolving the crisis.

"Today we are better than before on the way of helping Yemen avoid bad slides, wars and desolation, and provide easy access to the safe stage and resolve outstanding issues peacefully and through political means", he said.

For his part, Assistant Secretary-General of the General People's Congress, Sultan al-Barakani reviewed the results of the tribal conference aiming at maintaining the people’s safety, security and stability as well as securing roads and institutions and preserving national principles and constitutional legitimacy.

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