Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tribal chief says Yemen's army kills at least 8 anti-government fighters north of capital

By Associated Press
Thursday, July 28
SANAA, Yemen — A Yemeni tribal leader says clashes with government troops in a mountainous area north of the capital have killed at least eight anti-government fighters.
Sheik Hameed Asem said fighters from his Arab tribe attacked an army unit Thursday, which responded by shelling and bombing tribal positions, killing at least eight and wounding dozens more.
Mutual animosity between the tribe and President Ali Abdullah Saleh has turned violent since the start of the uprising against Saleh’s regime six months ago.
The tribe has previously tried to prevent troops from entering the capital, Sanaa, where it feared they would attack protesters.
Yemen’s Defense Ministry accused opposition parties and a defected army unit of aiding the attack.

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