Saturday, July 9, 2011

Trial Opens for Suspects in Friday of Dignity Killings

Sana'a, July 9,2011-

Yemen started on Saturday the trial of 78 suspects accused of criminal acts against antigovernment protesters in the capital Sana'a including killing more than 60 protesters on March 18.

Security forces in and out of uniform and regime supporters snipped from rooftops protesters in the square of change outside Sana'a University after prayers on Friday of Dignity.

The killings drew wide local and international condemnation and triggered resignations from the Sale government and the ruling party.

Many suspects appeared in a court in western Sana'a, but the prime suspect, called Al-Baidhani, is still at large.

Media were barred from covering the trial, which was described by relatives of the victims as a farce. The trial was adjourned till July 18th.

The trial was held as the army continued to shell Taiz province in the south where hundreds of thousands of people have been calling for the ouster of the regime.

Locals said ten civilians including a teenager were injured and homes destroyed when shells fired by republican guard landed in the districts of Oseifra and Al-Rawdha.

Hundreds have been killed and thousands injured since protests erupted in Yemen in the aftermath of the Tunisian and Egyptian uprisings.

Source: Yemen Post

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