Wednesday, July 27, 2011

No Political Crisis in Yemen, It Is Suffering from Collapse of State – UN Envoy

There is not a political crisis in Yemen, rather the current situation is threatening security and peace at regional and international levels, said Jamal bin Omar, the special envoy of the UN Secretary General to Yemen following his recent visit.

New Yemen quoted bin Omar saying that Yemen, however, is suffering from the collapse of state and that no external country or party can come to it to straighten out the situation or say what is happening there is a Yemeni matter.

The remarks followed a few-day visit to Yemen during which he met with government and opposition officials in an effort to reconcile the political parties and help them work together to lift their country out of the current problems.

He said that his visit was positive as he found all Yemeni parties very interested in reaching a solution to the problems in Yemen.

Yemen has been crippled by month-long unrest that has largely affected the national economy, led to severe crises topped by acute shortages and associated price hikes and triggered concerns about its future.

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