Monday, July 11, 2011

30 protesters injured in clashes with gov't supporters in Yemen

SANAA, July 10 (Xinhua) -- Thousands of protesters went to streets across Yemen on Sunday in response to a call by the opposition to press the ouster of Yemeni president's sons and aides, leaving at least 30 protesters injured during clashes with government supporters, witnesses said.

"At least 10 protesters were injured by gunshots and up to 20 others were stabbed by daggers and they were hospitalized as clashes were still going on in Al-Hodayda, the western Red Sea port province," the witnesses said.

The clashes erupted after hundreds of government backers wielding firearms and daggers intercepted a march of thousands of anti-government protesters demanding the ouster of sons and aides of President Ali Abdullah Saleh, who is being treated in the Saudi capital, the witnesses said.

Police forces were trying to disperse both sides to prevent further casualties, the witnesses added.

Another thousands of protesters marched in the capital Sanaa on Sunday, demanding the departure of Saleh's sons and aides who occupy higher military and security positions.

The protesters held banners reading "Saudis and Americans keep out of Yemeni affairs" as they rejected any dialogue or formation of national unity government with Saleh's ruling party, requiring the immediate formation of a transitional ruling council during post-Saleh era.

A security official told Xinhua that there is no casualty in Sanaa.

The protest marches came in response to the opposition Joint Meeting Parties (JMP), which called the protesters to step up marches and demands for ousting what it said as "the remnants of Saleh's regime." The JMP accused the Saleh government members of " kidnapping the power and committing more crimes."

The opposition's step came simultaneously with a fresh initiative announced by acting President Abd-Rabbo Mansour Hadi for launching a conciliation dialogue with the JMP leaders and forming a joint unity government headed by the opposition in order to end the prolonged political standoff.

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