Friday, June 17, 2011

Yemen's VP meets youth leaders

June 17, 2011

SANAA, Yemen, June 17 (UPI) -- The Yemeni vice president has asked for two more weeks to handle the evolving situation in the country, youth leaders said.

Youth leaders said they expect to continue speaking with Yemeni Vice President Abd al-Rab Mansur Hadi. He's met four times in the past two weeks with leaders of the protest movement and asked for more time.

Unnamed youth leaders said the vice president asked for two more weeks to organize "important matters" in the country, the Yemen Post reports.

"Youth leaders are expected to continue meeting with Hadi in order to reach an agreement that will honor the Yemeni revolution," the report read, adding there were no formal comments from the vice president's office.

Youth groups have led the uprising against Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, who is recovering from wounds suffered during a June 2 attack on his presidential compound. Protesters want a new government and the president's immediate resignation.

Youth leader reports echo earlier comments from members of the opposition al-Haq party. Hasan Zaid, secretary-general of the opposition party, had said the vice president was reluctant to reach a hasty settlement because of the security situation in the country.

Saleh is recovering in a hospital in Saudi Arabia. Conflicting reports emerged Friday regarding his return to Yemen.

He has refused to sign a deal brokered by the Gulf Cooperation Council that calls for his resignation in exchange for immunity.

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