Sunday, June 12, 2011

What Happened in Al-Hasaba District

By Fatik Al-Rodaini

Sana'a, June 12, 2011- Nothing remains in Al-Hasaba district, where fierce clashes have taken place for almost 15 days between the Yemen's security forces and armed tribesmen belonged to Sheikh Sadeq Al-Ahmer, except the ghosts and dead bodies. Everyone fled the area even dogs and cats. No one remains except the damaged and burning buildings.

Quietness everywhere, people can't move to Al-Hasaba district even residents in that zone. Armed tribesmen watching the Sadeq Al-Ahmer's house, a few meters from them you can see troops guarding the government buildings which lately were handed over to the state according to a Saudi meditation to halt the battles between the two sides.

Damaged buildings and broken windows have been seen, residents fled their homes looking for the safety faraway from the real battles, but the destiny followed them. They couldn't shelter anywhere even in their own homes (the Al-Ahmer's fighters were using their homes to stay away from shells, missiles, grenades and bombs) , they couldn't also run to the streets snipers (from the two sides) were waiting them to stole their lives.

Suddenly the clashes started between the Yemeni security forces and the Al-Ahmer's fighters, residents, sellers, and walkers, stuck in their places. There is no chance to live before or after the clashes. If you were lucky you would die under your own home or outdoor.

I live near the Al-Hasaba district in Al-Jaeraf Street, just five minutes far away from the place that witnessed the clashes between security forces and the Al-Ahmer's fighters. I have been hearing the sound of guns and mortars clearly as I was on the battles itself. Some of my neighbors injured and the others lost one of his close relatives. The clashes didn't allow anyone to be saved from them.

I hardly surprised when I went to the place of the battle after almost one month since the beginning of the clashes between the two bad sides. Everything there severely damaged the houses, markets, private and public buildings, and streets. All people's properties were completely destroyed. It was the worst ten minutes of my life when I saw everything that I used to see nice and beautiful before the clashes it changed in just about one month to ruins and destructions.

God bless people there.

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