Friday, June 10, 2011

A statement regarding the attacks by the First Armored Division on the peaceful protesters in 60th Street

June 10, 2011
The Media Council of the Youth Revolution in the Change Square of Sana'a condemns the brutal attack inflicted on the youth revolutionaries during their sit-in in 60th Street near the acting President AbduRabo Mansour Hadi's house to demand the formation of an urgent Presidential Transitional Council to manage the country in the transitional phase by the First Armored Division. The soldiers assaulted the youth and hit them with batons and rifles as well as fired live bullets to the air to intimidate and terrorize the youth. They also threatened them with death if they continue in the sit-in and arrested some of the youth that we don't know their fate until now. They did not even respect the females where they were assaulted as well and intimidated.
As a result of this barbaric irresponsible act which corresponds with Saleh's regime, puts us in front of a mysterious picture of the disposition of actions in the next phase. It is a violation of the freedom and rights of peaceful expression in a revolution that did not end yet. Therefore, we call for an immediate investigation under the supervision of the youth who were assaulted to find out the reasons and circumstances that led to these attacks. Although the mechanism and organization of this planned march that was announced in advance with its goals was already mentioned to the First Armored Division before it happened and they never showed any objection.
We renew our complete rejection of any unequivocal support to the revolution or the youth by any party that is restricting the freedom of the revolutionaries and restraining them from continuing their peaceful struggle until meeting all their demands. As we also reject any attempts to militarize the revolution or to circumvent it in any way possible.
Asserting that these irresponsible acts will not deter us from continuing our revolution until achieving all the demands and goals of the revolution and to build the modern civil state.
Glory and eternity to the martyrs, victory to the revolution, and love live free Yemen
Issued by the Media Council of the Change Square- Sana'a
Wednesday, June 8th 2011

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