Monday, June 27, 2011

Another group of Somalian pirates lands in Gujarat, detained

June 27, 2011

In an embarrassment for the Navy, Coast Guard and the Marine Police, a group of Somalian pirates has landed in Gujarat after their ship drifted to the Dwarka coast in Gujarat because of a technical fault.

Jamnagar Superintendent of Police Subhash Trivedi said out of the 21 Africans who were detained by the Gujarat police, 18 were Somali nationals, two are Yemen nationals and one was a Tanzanian.

What's shocking is that the pirates were caught just three kilometer from famous Dwarkadhish temple. The incident took place only five days after the Gujarat government drew up an elaborate plan for increased security at the prominent religious shrines in the state.

The men had dropped their arms in the sea after being spotted by a NATO chopper. "The Somalis revealed that they had dropped a rocket launcher and other sophisticated weapons off the Oman coast after being spotted by a NATO helicopter," Trivedi said.

On June 19, 14 Somali pirates had landed on the Una coast of Junagadh district. But it seems no lessons have been learnt. India's coastline remains as vulnerable as it was at the time of 26/11. The failure of the three-tier coastal security raises many questions: How could Indian Navy could fail to detect pirates' boat. Why was the pirates' boat not intercepted by Coast Guard in 5 km-12 km stretch? Why couldn't Coastal Police spot the boat?

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