Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tribesmen Released Saudi Diplomat

By Fatik Al-Rodaini
Sana'a, May 3, 2011- Said Al-Maliki, a Saudi diplomat was released on Tuesday after being kidnapped by Yemeni Tribesmen in Sana'a for ten days.
The release was through tribal mediation that required the resolution of the conflict between a Yemeni and a Saudi over a money issue
Al-Maliki was kidnapped from outside his home in Sana'a. Tribal sources confirmed that the kidnapping of the Saudi diplomat had financial rather than political motives.
Foreigners have frequently been kidnapped in Yemen by tribes who use the tactic to pressure authorities into making concessions.

More than 200 foreigners have been kidnapped over the past 15 years, and most have later been freed unharmed.

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