Monday, May 9, 2011

Abdul Atief Al-Zeiani: GCC Initiative is Suitable to Tackle the Crises in Yemen

By Fatik Al-Rodaini

Sana'a, May 9, 2011- The head of GCC, Abdul Atief Al-Zeiani said that the discussions are still continuing to achieve a suitable agreement between the two differing political sides in Yemen, the ruling General People Congress party and the Joint Meeting Party in order to solve the current crisis in Yemen.

Al-Zeiani mentioned in an interview with the Saudi newspaper, Okad, that the GCC's leaders are determined that the GCC initiative is suitable to solve the crises and it is satisfied with the stance of both the opposition and the ruling party.

He confirmed that the GCC initiative aims to help Yemeni people, ''Our aim from the GCC initiative to help our brother in Yemen. we also work to ensure security and stability in the country. ''

The GCC offered an initiative to solve the current crises in Yemen between the GPC and the opposition, but it was stalled because Yemen's President Ali Abdullah Saleh rejected to sign the agreement.

Yemen's President Saleh has been facing nationwide protests since the beginning of February demanding his immediate ouster.

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