Friday, April 29, 2011

Yemeni police shoot at protesters in port city as opposition prepares for mass rallies

By: Ahmed Al-Haj,

The Associated Press

SANAA, Apr 29, 2011- Yemeni activists say police in plainclothes have opened fire at protesters calling for President Ali Abdullah Saleh's ouster in a western port city ahead of mass demonstrations nationwide.

The activists say three protesters were wounded in Friday's shooting in Hodeida on the Red Sea. The activists spoke on condition of anonymity, fearing reprisals.

Saleh has ruled for 32 years and has clung to power despite near-daily protests demanding his ouster.

Youth leaders and opposition activists have urged for a 2 million-strong rally in the capital Sanaa after midday prayers, dubbing it "Friday of Martyrs" in memory of more than 130 who died since the unrest erupted in early February.

Saleh's supporters, meanwhile, are rallying outside the presidential palace in Sanaa.

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