Monday, April 4, 2011

Thousands March in Sana'a after Dozen Killed in Taiz

Sana'a, Apr 4, 2011- Thousands of people marched from downtown Yemen's capital Sana'a on Monday to the square of change outside Sana'a University where tens of thousands have been conducting a months-long sit-in to call for the resignation of President Saleh.

They chanted slogans calling for Saleh to step down and condemning the killings of the protesters in Taiz province earlier today.

At least 12 protesters were killed in Taiz and hundreds of others injured, some seriously, when the police intercepted a massive demonstration heading to the governorate leadership building, said medical sources, adding that the number was expected to rise.

The medical sources said some of those who are being treated were shot by live bullets and others are now suffering from cramps after nerve gas was fired at them.

Hundreds of thousands in Taiz staged the peaceful demonstration to intensify the pressure on Saleh, but the pro-government forces, some out of uniform, and pro-government thugs with batons and guns attacked the protesters and were firing at them for hours, a protester said.

" They attacked us directly and some fired at us from inside buildings in the area where the governorate leadership compound is located," said Abdul Jabar Abdul Karim. The protesters also condemned the deadly crackdown on the anti-Saleh protests after several people have recently been killed and hundreds injured in some cities including Taiz, he said.

" Whatever the regime does….even if they kill us all..we will continue our strife until the current oppressive and corrupt regime is ousted," another protester said. " We will not stop our protests, will not accept any offering from Saleh or others, and will not forgive the heinous crimes against the peaceful protesters in Yemen," said Khladoun Abdul Karim.

The killings and injuries in Taiz coincided with a deadly crackdown on the protesters who tried to reach the republican palace in the western province of Hodeida. Here, at least 8 protesters were killed and many others injured when the police fired live bullets and teargas at them.

Meanwhile, thousands of anti-riot police and central security forces have been deployed to the streets of cities to quell the protests as President Saleh clings to power.

In Sana'a and other cities, thousands of people condemned the attacks on the protesters in Taiz and Hodeida, vowing to escalate their protests until Saleh and his regime are out.

Source: Yemen Post

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