Monday, April 18, 2011

Opposition Insists on Saleh Resignation as GCC Ministers Meet on Yemen

The Joint Meeting Parties, the opposition coalition, has said that Saleh must step down as the unrest continues across the republic.

At the exceptional meeting of the GCC Foreign Ministers attended by representatives from the coalition, the opposition said Saleh should quit in two weeks as representatives added that there was not a clear timeframe for Saleh resignation in the GCC proposal.

The GCC ministers and the JMP delegation agreed to continue dialogue in the future with the JMP holding to the GCC proposal that called for Saleh to transfer powers to his deputy, form an interim government led by the opposition and draw up a new constitution ahead of holding elections.

The offer also included that Saleh and his family will be given immunity from prosecution after they leave office.

A statement at the end o the meeting in Saudi capital Riyadh said that at the meeting the ministers and the JMP delegates discussed views toward the GCC proposal for tackling the Yemeni crisis within the interest in maintaining Yemen's stability, security and unity.

After the meeting, Sultan Al-Atwani ruled out that President Saleh will be tried and Secretary General of the GCC said that dialogue will be held soon with the Yemeni government as the unrest continues to rock Yemen.

Source: Yemen Post

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