Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Opposition Assures Any 'New Regime Will Be Strong Ally in War on Terror'

Apr 5, 2011

Any government after the current regime in Yemen will be a strong ally of the international community in the war against terrorism and Al-Qaeda, spokesmen for the Joint Meeting Parties, the opposition coalition, said on Monday.

The statement comes amid U.S. warnings of Al-Qaeda in Yemen amid the escalating unrest, but as the U.S. is now suggesting that Saleh stand down.

Muhammad Qahtan said the coming regime will be better than the Saleh regime which exploited the issue of Al-Qaeda and the war against terrorism to deceive the world and use the anti-terror funds for personal interests.

"Meanwhile, we welcome the interest of the GCC countries in Yemen's stability and security as well as their support to the choice of the Yemeni people, who have been staging protests and sit-ins to call for the ouster of President Saleh. The efforts of the U.S and EU envoys to Yemen to prevent further deterioration of the country amid the current crisis are also welcome," he said.

The current deterioration in Yemen requires a quick peaceful power transition to prevent possible dangerous consequences, he said, adding that the opposition never minds that Saleh picks a new president and transfers power to him, but the new president must not be one of his relatives.

Qahtan's remarks coincided with intensified crackdown on the anti-government protesters in some provinces that left dozens killed and thousands injured in the last two days.

This week, the opposition handed Saleh a five-point vision for power transfer but Saleh responded that the opposition should stop sit-ins and protests and road closures, and that the rebellion inside the army should stop also.

Saleh, however, said he was ready to discuss power transfer constitutionally and peacefully.

Source: Yemen Post

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