Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ministry Hands to Prosecution 14 Suspects in Killing, Injuring Protesters

Sana'a, Apr 17, 2011- The Interior Ministry handed 14 suspects in the killings and injuries of the protesters outside Sana'a University on March 18 to the General Prosecution, a source at the ministry said on Sunday.

The 14 were of those wanted in connection with sniping and opening fire on the protesters, who were calling for the ouster of the regime, killing at least 60 and injuring hundreds of them.

They were arrested and handed to the General Prosecution after arrest warrantees had been issued for them, the source said, adding that 30 more others were handed to be investigated in connection with the attacks on the protesters in the square of change.

On March 18, gunmen, who were believed to be policemen out of uniform, sniped the antigovernment protesters from over and inside buildings nearby the square after the Friday prayers.

The attacks drew huge local and external condemnation with international rights organization urging the government to investigate them and bring those responsible to justice.

Tens of thousands have been staging a sit-in in the square for months to call for an immediate exit of President Saleh.

Source: Yemen Post

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